Waterless skincare regime, a step towards cleaner and greener tomorrow !

A range of aqua-free essentials that makes your skin speak for itself!

A perfect choice for statuesque beauty, our aqua free range brings with it key distinguishing features. 

Waterless formulations

Skin-boosting organic botanicals

Vegan and paraben free

Avant-garde Glass Bottle Packaging

The After Bath Body Serum provides your skin with a burst of hydration, leaving it revitalized !

The magic potion is rich in every element of sumptuosity for an exuberant skin. Opulent in natural vitamins, Omega-3, Omega-6 and poly unsaturated fats, the body serum contains Sunflower, Rosehip, Vitamin-E and Grape seed oils as the key ingredients. Giving your skin the carte blanche to express itself, “Serene” is a nature’s elixir for ameliorating your beauty quotient. Just a few drops to keep your skin hydrated, velvety soft, vivacious, and flawless.

Rich in antioxidants, the serum shields your skin from actinic sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. Vitamin A packed Rosehip seed oil reduces blemishes and wrinkles through increased collagen production. The soothing sunflower oil ensures that your skin stays healthy, hydrated, and in balanced state. Augmenting your tenderness, the grape seed oil, offers anti-aging properties, lightens skin, and reduces scars.

Give your skin the nourishment it needs!

Expose your luminous identity with this luxurious product and feel confident to savoir faire every occasion. It’s time to unfurl the natural treasures for your beauteous soul.

Resplendent and hypnotic skin
Hydrated and rejuvenated skin
Reduced wrinkles, scars, and blemishes
Suitable for all skin types