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goodness of nature

Self love for true care

Appreciate yourself and grow with products that support your physical, psychological, and spiritual growth! Partnering with ihr is all about valuing yourself as a human being who is worthy of love and respect. At Ihr Waterless Essentials, we believe in the philosophy of being generous and kind to yourself to boost the self-esteem.

Waterless skincare,
step towards cleaner, greener and sustainable tomorrow

We proudly exclaim that all our products are 100% waterless and organic.

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About us

We believe that within nature’s womb lies the best kept secrets to timeless beauty and radiant skin.

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Body Serum

A perfect choice for statuesque beauty, the serum brings with it key distinguishing features.

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View the latest range of 100% waterless skincare solutions offered by Ihr.

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Self Love

Explore the self love blog by Ihr Waterless Essentials, curated by our founder Rhythm.

Make your skin alive!

100% waterless and organic Products

ihr Waterless Essentials does not use any potentially harmful chemicals or preservatives in any products. Our products are vegan, sulphate-free, paraben-free, and dermatologically tested.

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers

The ihr Waterless beauty serum is the perfect choice for my skin! I have been using it since weeks and love its constituents.
Ihr Customer
ihr waterless serum is just was I was looking for. It has provided me with the right blend of beauty and quality.
Ihr Customer
I cannot do without using this after bath body serum. Its pleasing aroma and everlasting fragrance is what keeps me attached to it.
Ihr Customer